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The Perfectly Affordable Exterior Painting
You can count on us for high-quality painting services in the Los Angeles area

Flexible Financing Options

William Brothers Exterior Painting

Is it that time to get the exterior of your house or apartment painted again? You can count on the professional exterior house painters of William Brothers to offer high-quality services in the Los Angeles area. William Brothers provides a wide range of affordable exterior paint services. No job is too big or small for us. We'll even offer advice free of charge regarding which color(s) will work best with your property.

Getting your house painted can be inconvenient. To ensure that you'll continue to feel at home at your own home and continue living there without interruptions, we employ only painters who are qualified, friendly, and professional. Our painters are well informed about occupational health and safety standards. They will clean up after themselves every day. We believe that's what sets William Brothers apart from other exterior painting companies.

We work quickly, without compromising on quality. We understand that preparation is even more important than the actual painting. Therefore, we'll use electric power sanding to remove any flakes or rotten areas from the wood before applying paint. It will ensure that your paint will look just as beautiful a few years down the line. We also treat wood for any termite damage before applying any primer or paint. The paint that we use is high-quality energy-efficient paint that comes with a 25-year warranty. We're also available on weekends and after hours to fit in with your schedule.

While you're painting the town red, William Brothers will ensure that your property gets painted on schedule. You can rest assured knowing that your property and belongings are taken care of. For extra reassurance, for the entire duration of the project, we assign a project manager who will keep a professional eye on the prepping and painting and update you every day about how the painting job is coming along. If you have any other questions, we'll be happy to answer them.


We're just a phone call away!    

About Our Services

Our professional painting service has given countless properties a new lease on life and increased their marketing value throughout Los Angeles. William Brothers can paint all kinds of residential properties from mansions to family homes to one-bedroom apartments – whatever the size or scope.

Removal of paint and
popcorn ceiling

Exterior and interior
house painting

Repairing of plaster
and rotten wood

Termite treatment and
fumigation tent

Restoration of windows

Recoating of decks/patios

Roof painting

Removal of rust

Color consultancy

Does your exterior require some much-needed attention? Do you feel that it's time for a new color? Our exterior painting services offer the top color combos and options for your property.

Our team has the expertise and experience for any painting project. Over more than a decade, William Brothers has become one of the most popular painters for the high-quality services that we deliver without fail.

In addition to painting standard exterior walls, we can also paint a wide range of other surfaces that include


Aluminum and
vinyl cladding

Composite Material




Fascia boards

Gutters beneath the edge
of a roof

If you have a specific issue like rust, graffiti, stains, or damage caused by water, we can also help you. Using the products created for these issues, we can restore your property's exterior and other surfaces to their former glory. We'll make sure that any rust is first removed by killing the rust, wire-brushing the surface, and sanding it before applying an oil-based undercoat.


Reach out to William Brothers for a consultation and quote free of charge!    

The Process

The process that William Brothers follows is straightforward. We've created it in such a way that our clients will find it efficient.

1. Request a quote free of charge

All you have to do is phone us or reach out to us by completing our online contact form. One of our team members will then visit your property to understand the work scope and answer your questions.

2. Schedule your painting project

If our estimate is in order, the next step is to schedule the project. Most of the time, we'll begin within a matter of a few days. As we boast a big team, weeks won't fly by before we can start prepping.

3. Evaluate us

It's important to us that our clients are always pleased with the work that we've completed. To help us achieve this, we ask that our clients assess the work we've done before moving on to the cleanup stage. If we've missed something, we'll make sure to get it right till you're happy.

4. Time to clean

After you've indicated that you're pleased with the work we've completed, the job is not over yet. Cleaning up after ourselves is just as important as the painting project. We'll ensure that everything will be neat and tidy again.


Reach out to William Brothers for a consultation and quote free of charge!    

When Is the Ideal Time to Get Exterior Painters Near Me?

Both old and new properties will benefit from the services of exterior painters. Simply inspecting the appearance of your house's exterior will give you a good indication of if you need to call the local exterior house painters.

A new coat of paint will be needed if there are signs of paint that has chipped, flaked, cracked, bubbled, or faded.

Still, you don't have to wait for the paint to peel before you get an exterior house painter. Perhaps you've purchased a new property, but its current color is not to your liking? Painting the exterior can be a quick fix. Many of our clients have found that after they've renovated their property, it's time to paint the exterior of their house and add the finishing touches.

Whatever your reason for needing exterior painting services in Los Angeles, contact William Brothers for a free quote and color consultation.

Our Guarantee to You

William Brothers provides a three-year warranty on our work. You can rest assured we complete our jobs to the highest standard. We adhere to the rules and regulations regarding safety and use only high-quality, environmentally friendly products. You can look forward to a durable finish that will bring you happiness for a long time.

There are rarely issues! Though, if there's an issue down the line attributed to our workmanship, we'll happily see to it that it gets fixed.

If anything related to our work didn't satisfy your needs, inform us, and we'll see that it gets fixed without delay. We don't subcontract! We ensure that every project has its own project manager and team leader for the duration of the job. Whenever you have a question or an issue that you would like to discuss, reach out to your appointed project manager.

It's critical that all our clients are up to speed with what's happening and that they are happy with the project results. After we've completed the work, we'll also check with you to ensure that we haven't missed anything, and you're happy with the outcomes.

We understand that your property is a significant investment. You can rely on our trusted exterior painting services to look after your investment. We're known for our precision and skill!

Contact William Brothers to arrange a consultation free of charge!    


Why should I use your exterior house painting services? -

We pay attention to all the details, even if it's only during the preparation. While we always strive to save you money and time, we'll never do so at the cost of the final result. We pride ourselves on the high-quality paint finishes that we deliver and the high-quality products that we use. The William Brothers team will ensure that your property will be perfect right down to the last detail.

Which painting services do you offer? +

Our team of painters offers high-quality exterior and interior painting services in Los Angeles. Whether you need a house or an apartment painted, no residential painting job is too big or small for William Brothers.

Which type of paint do you typically use, and why? +

We care about your property as well as the environment. Therefore, we usually use Dulux as their brand offers high-quality paint that will last a long time while being environmentally friendly.

How much will residential painters near me charge to paint my property? +

Several factors will determine the price. These include the type of painting project, the property's size, and how much time will be required to complete the painting project. It's best that you give us a ring or send us an email. We'll offer you a free quote after visiting you to discuss the finer details of your project.

When can you start? +

After arranging the painting job, we'll give you an estimated date on which we can commence. As William Brothers boasts a big, professional team of painters (we don't subcontract), we're quite flexible. We can cater to the majority of deadlines. If you need to get your property painted straight away, our team can most likely arrange to get the project underway at once or over the weekend.

Why Us?

25 Years of Experience

Outsanding Customer Service

Affordable Prices

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

Flexible Financing Options

Fully Compliant with State and City Codes

Honest Communication

No Job is Too Small

Energy Efficiency Rebates

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